Fees for payable invoices

If you enable payable invoices there are 2 fees -- credit card fees, and a transaction fee.

Here's how our fee structure works:

Diagram adopted from Stripe.

Stripe fees

Credit card fees are nearly unavoidable. Stripe, our backend processor, charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. As more Lobiloo clients enable payable invoices, however, this fee will drop to 1.9%.

Transaction Fee
This fee is collected by Lobiloo and used to maintain your account. Stripe charges us a few dollars per month, per account, and we've dedicated significant developer resources to manage this feature.

How it works: 2% or $20, whichever is cheaper, per transaction paid through Lobiloo.

(If you do not enable payable invoices, you will not be charged.)

The amount of money that will be deposited directly into your bank.

Stripe and Transaction fees are deducted from your client's payment, so you will never be charged separately from Lobiloo.

Want a discount?
Below are a few perks to managing invoices with Lobiloo:

  • $5,000+ /month processing => free Lobiloo account ($29 monthly fee waived)
  • $7,500+ /month processing => free Lobiloo account + 1.75% Transaction Fee
  • $10,000+ /month processing => free Lobiloo account + 1.5% Transaction Fee
  • $15,000+ /month => contact us for a custom pricing plan

The payable invoices feature launched in May 2018, and we look forward to your feedback.