Collecting partial vs full payments with Lobiloo

By connecting your bank account to Lobiloo you may bill clients the "grand total" or a down payment amount on a per-invoice basis.

Charging full price for an event

Suppose your event estimate is $2,500. By checking this box on the Estimates tab of your event, a client will be able to pay $2,500 in 1 click on the payment page:

After your client's payment is processed, a payment receipt will be recorded in the "Manage Payments" section of your event. The event's grand total will also be updated to $0.00 to reflect that this event is fully paid for.

Charging partial amounts for an event

Suppose your event estimate is $2,500, but you only want to bill the client $250 this week, and the rest later, or outside of the Lobiloo platform.

No problem!

In addition to clicking "include clickable payment link..." on the Estimates tab of your Event, you can also set a custom amount in the Deposit field of your Cost Out tab:

By doing this, PDF estimates will now reflect a Total Due amount equal to your down payment or deposit:

Charging multiple payments over time

Whenever your client makes a payment through Lobiloo, it's automatically recorded in the Manage Payments section of their Event and the amount is automatically deducted from that event's grand total.

If your client makes a full payment, you're all set after their first payment.

If your client makes a partial payment, ie $250, simply remove the "Deposit Amount" value (Cost Out tab) to reset the total due to your remaining balance in the next revision. Or, change the Deposit Amount to another value, ie "$250" again or "$1,000," to bill your client a 2nd or 3rd+ time.

You may bill clients any amount, in any number of proposal revisions, using the Deposit field on the Cost Out tab.

If you have questions about this feature, email us at [email protected].