Get started with Florabundance

Florabundance is a leading floral wholesaler, providing delivered-cost rates for your event needs.

Even if you don't use Florabundance in your business, you can still benefit from their wholesale rates to approximate your per-event costs.

Simply import the pricing, make adjustments, and enjoy your extra free time.

How it Works

Click the 'globe' icon next to a stem price from your Cost Out tab to instantly import the latest wholesale price from Florabundance.

Products that are priced per bunch grade (groups of 7) or case (12), etc, are automatically normalized to Lobiloo's per-stem unit of measurement.

These prices are updated weekly, directly by Florabundance management.

Note: if a globe icon does not appear beside a flower's wholesale price field, we do not yet have a live match for that item inside Florabundance.