How we prioritize new features

Lobiloo was founded in 2013 and grew organically for 5 years. In early 2018 a new team stepped in to manage Lobiloo and has been building steadily building new features by customer request.

To help determine which features we build next, Lobiloo has a public roadmap anyone can "vote" on.
Lobiloo product roadmap

However, not all customers would benefit from a given change to our service.

To make things more fair, Lobiloo's product team prioritizes features for members on the Pro Plan plan, vs month to month members. The Pro Plan is an annual commitment that includes 2 months of free service.

All customers can expect speedy support replies and assistance, but for large projects we have to make data driven decisions.

If you want to directly impact our product roadmap, vote on an idea in the linked board above, or email [email protected].