Setting a deposit amount

Note: This feature is primarily for customers using Payable Invoices, a Lobiloo feature that lets you accept full or partial payments through Lobiloo and get paid direct deposit.

Suppose your average event rate is $5,000, but you want to ensure a new client is serious about working together.

Instead of sharing a Lobiloo proposal with a large (scary) grand total, you can amend your estimates using the Deposit feature.

How it Works

1. On the "Cost Out" tab of any event inside your Lobiloo account, simply provide a value, ie "$500," in the Deposit field at the bottom.
2. This will slightly modify your PDF estimate export to include a "Total Due (Deposit)" amount that is separate from your grand total.

Here's the same event proposal with and without a deposit established:

No Deposit (field left blank)

With Deposit ($250 provided in field on Cost Out tab)


Payable Invoices and Deposits are completely optional tools, and your proposals will look the same as they always have if you leave the "Deposit" field blank.

We added this feature to encourage faster client commitments and shorter "time to revenue."