Introducing the Lobiloo referral program

You, asked, we listened.

Since 2013, Lobiloo has slowly and quietly grown to help 100s of florists around the world save time and increase profitability.

While many of these florists have shared Lobiloo with their friends out of pure kindness, we understand it's no simple task to help someone try a new business solution.

To share the benefits of word of mouth with our customers, we offer an incentive plan for referrals.

It's very simple -- here's how it works:
  • each client you refer to Lobiloo earns $7.50 per month towards your next bill, forever
  • refer just 4 clients to never pay for Lobiloo again
  • if you refer more than 4 clients, Lobiloo will pay you cash via PayPal
  • a referral is "active" so long as they are on a paid plan
Lobiloo customer referral program
You may view your active referrals and retrieve your special link inside your Lobiloo Profile, accessible from the top right navigation.

If you have any questions, email [email protected].