How Team Accounts Work

Lobiloo offers a simple team management suite that allows a florist's colleagues to collaborate on proposals, without sharing passwords.


  • Admin -- the Lobiloo account "owner." This is the person who joined Lobiloo first, added their billing details, and invited other users.
  • Team Members -- Lobiloo accounts created by the Admin owner.


  • Admins may do anything -- create / edit proposals, edit company settings, and cancel or change subscription billing settings. Admins may also set up integrations with Stripe (Payable Invoices) and Pinterest.
  • Team Members may create / edit proposals (arrangements + theme + pricing). Team members may not modify company details, or invite other team members.

Inviting Team Members

  • Admins may invite unlimited team members from their Profile. After creating an invitation, Lobiloo will email the team member a temporary password and instructions to log in.
  • Admins may view all invited team members from their Profile.

Deleting Team Members

  • Admins may delete a team member anytime from their Profile.
  • Deleting a team member does not remove any data from Lobiloo. All events, image uploads, PDFs, and settings will remain the same.

Additional Features

  • If you need detailed "logging," e.g. "Sarah did X, John did Y," please reach out to [email protected] so we can learn more.